Frequently Answered Questions

If you have any questions regarding our services, company, or process, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q: What is your turnaround time?

Our typical turnaround time for the photos is two business days from the day of the photo shoot. The other parts of the package will come after that. Check out our process page for more details.

Q: How do I pay you?

Once you book your appointment or service, you'll receive a link to your invoice.  You can either pay online via that link or in person with a check.

Q: What if the time slot I want isn't available?

Feel free to email us if you're having any issues booking online or if you are in need of a specific day or time.  We will try our best to accommodate your needs if available.

Q: Can I customize my package? I have things I need done, but don't see them on your website.

We'd love to work with you on the perfect package or service for your needs.  We love it when clients push the envelope and recognize that technology and trends are changing all the time in not only our industry, but yours as well.