Based in Columbia, South Carolina, Blackhound Creative Werks is a full-service Creative Marketing and Advertising firm.

We strive to provide a product that exceeds the clients expectations, delivers a stress free process, and excels in customer service. We aim to challenge ourselves often to further our knowledge of our industry, your industry, and everything in between.
Blackhound is made up of a team of driven creatives that always strive to give you the best possible product. We also try to look at your project from all angles to make sure you're on the right path to meet your goals.

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What’s a big win for you? How can we increase those sales together? How will you show you're different? Why are you asking so many questions? After immersing ourselves in your brand, we build an appropriate game plan to hit those high marks.

Branding & Design

We'll make you look good, real good. When people see your logo and brand aesthetic, they'll invite you into their lives because they like you. Why? Because through thoughtful design grown out of sound strategy, we develop branding that makes sense and feels genuine.

Web Design & Digital

Your website is the real workhorse of your marketing and acts as a center point for everything you do. It brings eyeballs to your brand 365 days a year regardless if you're sleeping or awake. Our digital marketing team makes sure that site is engaging and optimized to make the most of those eyeballs.

Advertising & Promotions

Let’s identify your unique selling proposition and in a creative way, tighten it up so it resonates with the right target market. Through a matrix of creative and strategic media placements, your campaign will make a trackable impact. In other words, we’ll make people question how they ever lived without you.

Experimental Marketing

Your brand is so much more than a logo on a business card. We'll bring life to it in ways that make you think we're mad scientists. From guerilla marketing campaigns to clever on-site activations, we're always ready to take your brand to the next level in unique and innovative ways.

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